Ship clearence

We solve the daily contact with harbour, stowage and authorites, but we can also provide services for documentation, crew change and guidance.

Our clearing department have through solid experience a wide spectre of knowledge and high competence in port operations.

Cetonia Shipping act like an agent and shipbroker. When a vessel departs to a harbour in the north part of Sweden the shipping company need an agent. We become the coordinator of the arrival of the vessel, we solve everything that is needed, for example a pilot, plane when the vessel can make it to the port and when to disengage.

In our mission we clear vessels to Billeruds factory Karlsborg outside Kalix. We clear also vessels and ships to Skelleftehamn, Haraholmen, SCA Munksund and to the harbour Sandholmen that Marine Group Piteå is in charge of.



Västergatan 11
941 33 Piteå

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